Depeche Mode - Satellite (Brixton at the Ace)

Brixton at the Ace 23.12.1982 *full* got to love dave’s moves.

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  • Dave just has to move- no matter if the song is slow or fast! I love it. I
    love his dancing from the 80s :)

  • Just as I thought I had seen everything…. Nobody REALLY looked good in
    the eighties except perhaps Boy George and Joan “Alexis” Collins. 21 yr
    Dave is showing very alternative dancemoves, flaunting a design for
    leg-wear that I hope never ever will see the light of day again. Dave Dave
    Dave…. Gotta say that his mosves and fashion has improved… as has the
    music… That is why Depeche Mode is epic, outstanding and truly Unique
    Love and devotion from Stellanova laughing her head of

  • Love this song, been listening to all their old stuff lately and noticed
    how different their music is from any other band. SO UNDER RATED!!

  • hehe….. The Fleeeetch… The mystery Fletch… *What is a man like him
    doing in a place with a Gore and a Gahan..” A Mystery yet to be solved….

  • @Andreamus Say what? It was during the 80’s people actually were creative
    and not constantly bothered with so-called “good taste”, which is exactly
    what made them extremely goodlooking! Fashion used to be FUN back then,
    instead of tedious, anxious and pretentious, like it is today. Dave looks
    great, as always, and is truly sporting some cute dance moves! <3<3<3

  • where’s the button for video response? I equalized the audio and enhanced
    the coulors on this clip and uploaded it just now.

  • Thanks so much for posting this awesome video. I love DM. This was
    videotaped a year before i was born….

  • segun martin l gore una de las canciones mas asquerosas de su vida pero q
    importa depeche mode asta la muerte

  • The Quality of this live recording gives it a slightly more darker sound,
    Which I Love!

  • I was just going to say “hey, Fletch is really playing!” And it’s rare that
    we see Martin in need of a shave. :-D

  • Wow!! Andy is really playing!!! Este video desmiente la teoria q andy no
    toca! This video shows that Andy can play!!