Depeche Mode - Satellite (Hammersmith Odeon 25-10-82)

Early DM stuff from the Broken Frame Tour in 1982. This clip comes from the performance at the Hammersmith Odeon they had on 25-10-82. The tracklist is the f…
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  • I think when they say “worst” they mean it’s not as great as the other albums. But i see nothing wrong with it.

  • Ésta es una de las canciones que más odia el propio grupo

  • I can’t really understand why people say “A Broken Frame” is to be one of DM worst albums…. It’s one of my favourites. Actually, there’s too songs I don’t like at all : “A photograph” and “Shouldn’t have done that”, the rest is simply perfect.

  • The subtitles are Norwegian or Danish. Norwegian, I think. Trust me, I’m Swedish…;-)

  • yes, that’s danish alright! I find them slightly embarrassing…

  • Not German, Danish I believe. Could be wrong, but surely not German. Awesome video for sure though.

    I love this version, it starts off with my fave synth line from the song.

  • The german subtitles are fantastic. And Martin’s afro is top notch…the boys look like they’re 12 years old. Awesome video.

  • I actually really love ‘A Broken Frame’ and don’t think any of the songs you listed were bad. My favorite from that album is ‘The Sun and the Rainfall’ though.

  • My God,how young they once were.Sweet.I love this song.Pity that the original song from the “frames” cd is not here on youtube to find.Pity,pity.5 Stars!

  • I think they said that ABF is their worst album because at that time, it’s a distresful time because their band leader and original songwriter Vince Clark left abruptly and Martin was forced to write ten songs and he had to use some songs he wrote when he was a teenager (he probably thinks they’re corny but had no choice but to use it).

  • Dude, I’m 22 yr old and their best album is DEFINETLY BROKEN FRAME

  • Our first taste of DM’s dark side. I’ll always be a satellite of hate, but I will never hate DM or ‘A Broken Frame’.

  • There isn’t a DM’s worst album but if I must decide I’d choose “Exciter”. A Broken Frame hasn’t bad track you’re right

  • All DM members always have said that “A broken frame is their worst album ever”, but I like it, “My secret garden, leave in silence, Nothing to fear, this one” Are they bad songs?, I don´t think so.