07.11.09 Mannheim / SAP Arena.
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  • Awsome!! a great and historical performance of this song, if only we could
    hear it here in Mexico city

  • I wish the people filming would shut up and let Martin sing…..

  • I really hope that when the DVD gets released, there will be extras to
    include ALL the songs that Martin performed on this tour!

  • das sister of night! it’s the non english speaking fans…..

  • ultra bad ass performance. I love that they did the electronic backed ultra
    album version. THANKS FOR SHARING!

  • I hope that Martin plays this at the Birmingham NEC or the O2 Arena
    (London). The only thing that could top this would be The Love Thieves.

  • Danke Aber es kommt nix an Dressed in black aus Hannover :) Wir waren so
    klasse Danke an alle die da waren und Mart “gezwungen” haben weiter DiB zu
    singen :o)

  • Endlich, endlich eine richtige “volle” Version dieses tollen Songs. Die
    Akustikversionen 1998 und 2001 können da nicht mithalten. Zu toppen wäre es
    nur noch durch eine Version mit Daves Gesang, bei der Martin im Refrain die
    2. Stimme singt!!

  • WTF OMG i wish they performed this in my city!!!!! ya damn lucky europeans

  • The full ELECTRONIC version of “Sister of Night”!! This is outstanding!
    Thank you Martin and DM!

  • Oh, wow! Mr. Gore actually played the complete studio version, not just the
    acoustic! Very impressive! Wish he’d debuted this earlier and played it at

  • Großartiger Song von einem der besten Depeche Mode-Alben!!!!!