Depeche Mode Stade de France Paris JUDAS Martin Gore 15-06-2013 (HD)

Depeche Mode Stade de France Paris JUDAS Martin Gore 15-06-2013 (HD)
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  • Comme elle casse les pieds cette grognasse … si elle aime tellement ce
    superbe morceau pourquoi elle ne la ferme pas ? ;)

  • I agree. I loved Paris itself, but I was in Frankfurt and Mannheim on the
    DB Bahn trains already, and I could have seen them in one of those cities
    as well. I know next time.

  • Talkers at gigs are so fucking annoying. I was at the 2 O2 shows and had
    talkers both nights….I went to Berlin and Bratislvava too and as soon as
    the intro started people stopped talking and just watched the show….a
    pleasure to be amongst these people !!!! Thanks for posting your clips.

  • The people talking through the whole song were really annoying. Ruined an
    otherwise awesome video.

  • Poor baby got hoarse near the end of the song. I was angry that people
    wouldn’t sing when he asked, but acquiesced when Dave made the request. I
    flew all the way from Chicago to see this show.

  • next time you should go to germany or hungary or anywhere in western
    europe. much much better.

  • Oui c vrai que c dommage…. nous étions dans les gradins et n’avons pu
    voir nos idoles que grâce aux écrans… quelle chance!!! merci!!!

  • It’s really a shame but you had a fantastic view of the stage.

  • Dommage que cette belle chanson soit gâchée par les pétasses qui papotent
    près du micro… Dommage car la qualité audio et vidéo est bonne.

  • Those talkers should have been thrown out. I was at the gig in Berlin last
    week and one of my friend’s was talking too much so I told him to shut up.
    Easy! I would have preferred to heard the original version of Judas though.
    I find a lot of the acoustic versions a bit tedious.

  • fckn french people. cant stop talking. even in a mode show??? c’moooon…:S