Depeche Mode - Stripped Live

Depeche mode live.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Rammstein and Shiny(tiny toons)toys guns versions: SUCK SUCKS SUCKS
    SUCKS!!Depeche are the best band of the world, end of the story!!!

  • I just can’t get enough of this f)(*)(*& concert, jeeze, every time I see
    this, I fucking want to cry, he’s so damn adorable, I just want to smack
    his butt, LMAO!

  • Sometimes I wish I’m older then I would probably see this beauty live!

  • Sweet Jesus!!!!!When I listen Depeche Mode, I’m on other planet…:)

  • My favorite song of DM. Grandes ,Geniales ! las mejores letras y la mejor
    voz unidas en un grupo.-

  • Agreed. This is THE best LIVE version of Stripped the band ever performed.

  • the greatest live performance of this song they ever did. this isn’t up for
    debate either. if you have proof of stripped sung better by the band at any
    other show, post it up.

  • There never has been nor will there ever be another like Depeche
    Mode…Their music will be the ‘Classical’ music of future centuries (if
    there are any)!

  • Really? THAT must be why I lust for young the young Labeouf so… I shoulda
    known. ;)

  • This is the best live performance of Stripped you can find on youtube. It’s
    the closest to the recording. Dave sounds absolutely phenomenal. He has the
    sexiest voice of any male pop star, and his voice goes perfectly with DM’s
    sensual and raw songs.

  • Love this song, he really sings with passion. When he sits down, though,
    what does he say? He yells something out but I can’t hear it.

  • it says right in the vid, he says before he goes on stage that he’s going
    to use steroids

  • the ultimate mode moment. a true point in history. makes hairs stand on the
    back of my neck everytime. long live mode.