Ultra Depeche Mode The Bottom Line Please Rate & Comment :)

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  • I prefer the dark depeche mode as opposed to the cheery earlier sound.bravo!

  • Ultra is probably the most overlooked Depeche Mode album. There wasn’t a huge single that came from it, but it was Depeche Mode at their most raw, emotional, and imo their greatest.

  • The most unknown underrated songs ever. Probably the saddest most beautiful song in the universe

  • this song is the story of my life
    was with this girl she kept hurting me but i loved her so i always returned to her
    now i finally stoped returning but god with all she did to me i still love and miss her
    i wish i could see the heaven in front of me as well.

  • one of my favorite songs… can listen endlessly..best band ever..love you, guys! take care!

  • reminds me of most painful time of my life, actually the whole ultra accompanied me trough that, and it was not a physical pain. stil love it, though

  • Oh yes!!! One of the best songs ever!!! I really love my favorite group: DM!!!! Really love this lyric! There’s no doubth, Ultra is one of their best records…