This looks like the school disco, :-) but it was actually filmed on UK TV during early 1982. Today, the dancing style of the kids in the audience looks very …

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  • Bit cruel of the tv people to put insects & itching powder in the girls’ clothes. Reminds me of our youth club dancing in those very days, great times.

  • No, Vince Clark left because the rest of the band DIDN’T want the pop sound as much. They were getting too dark for his taste. “The Meaning of Love” is an anomaly of “A Broken Frame”. Depeche Mode got much darker in the later albums.

  • Hm. So that’s how you dance to Depeche Mode. Don’t know if that’d fly nowadays. 

  • Τραγικά υπέροχο… τι εποχές Χριστέ μου…!

  • These dancers are at LEAST 50 now :) NOT knocking them… that DOES rock my foundations though :)

  • This is one of the songs that turned me on to Depeche Mode back in 1982. I love the fact that this is a live performance (not mimed). The vocals and synth playing are definitely live.
    In fact the music is quite dark – based on minor chords. Especially the bridge that goes “From the notes that I made so far love seems something like wanting a scar”.

  • This song is really good and catchy, I hear nothing wrong with it at all!

  • Wrong, they played this one on their tours of 1982 and 1983…

  • How the hell did we go from bands like Led Zeppelin to this in less than 6 years?

  • So young… hardly comparable with nowadays depeche))

  • see you and this are very poor songs thank fuck they came through it and went on to be a great band.

  • yay depeche back when they regressed to bubblegum. when Clarke was in the group they were more savvy, then he left and they stepped back. luckily wilder came around with his dark austere and helped gore mature as a writer. i still enjoy this stuff, but more as a joke

  • Wow. I didn’t know Rick Astley ever covered Depeche Mode.

  • this is the best of depeche mode, I had a greatest hits album as a kid that only covered the early stuff, and it was the best stuff ever