The story of Depeche Mode (1980 – Present Time)
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  • @moolieboy Actually, I think I tried it in white, but I myself couldn’t
    read it, so I made it red, something that would stick out more. I have been
    thinking about remaking it, though.

  • @tannavae I Should have mentioned… I made this quite a while ago, just
    when I was getting to know Depeche Mode, and I was so musically ignorant
    that I could not tell the difference between a bass and lead guitar (I at
    one time thought the lead guitar in Enjoy The Silence was a bass… But
    what can I say? I wasn’t much interested in guitars at the time) I’ve
    thought about remaking this, but the WMG would hate me more than they
    probably already do. I’ll have to annotate my errors.

  • Much as I’m sure Martin could work his way around a bass guitar… I don’t
    think he actually had that role. From interviews I’ve heard Fletcher was
    the last to get a synth…he was originally a bass player… Martin played
    guitar (very early on and then (outside of using a classical guitar on one
    piece) the grestch didn’t show up again until Music for the Masses….
    Vince started (very uncertain rumour) on lead guitar (this is pre-Dave)

  • I’m probably biased because I’m old and color blind. It prolly looks Great
    to most people. Good work either way. Thanks for putting it out there.