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  • oops, that sounds quite contrived…not on purpose I assure you!

  • Thats what i’m saying, that is ‘playing’ i’m a producer, I was in an underground 80’s synth band =)

  • Thats what i’m saying, that is ‘playing’ i’m a producer, I was in an underground 80’s synth band =)

  • Fletch launches loops (noisy effects, percussions,…). During the Delta machine tour, he plays the bass on “Just can’t get enough”.

  • back in the days when they look really nerdy and made GREAT CLASSICS

  • This is one of the funniest comments I have ever read on YouTube. I can’t stop watching this clip now. Hilarious!!!!!!!

  • What’s up with the Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) from Two and a Half Men look?!
    Love this song tho!!

  • I read a magazine interview which Dave said that Fletch is a good keyboard player. Sometimes it’s hard to see what Fletch actually does with his synths on stage these days, but Dave must know Fletch’s role better than all of us

  • You just can’t see Depeche Mode live like THAT anymore. One of their best early songs! :)

  • nah, he still plays…synths don’t need keys to be ‘played’, thats kind of the point…
    Liberache, hes yer huckleberry! >_< JK

  • The last two DM albums have been brilliant, but I do wish they would bring back live some of these classics

  • Fucking hell .. Unique sound .. Not son !! Fucking computers .. I fucking hate them !!!!

  • Love Depeche Mode . They have such a unique sons !! Reminds me of the Eighties .. My youth .. I loved the eighties !! Xxx this good .. Thanks for the post !!!

  • A pair of size nine black brogues for me please Dave. What?, yes please, with insoles. How’s your mother doing Dave? Her back still giving her gip still? Off anywhere interesting tonight Dave? Top of the Pops? Interesting, give my best to Savile, and tell that DLT he is a cunt from me, will you? Just enjoy yourselves.