Depeche Mode Toronto 2009 - singing Happy Birthday to Martin!

Video of us singing Happy Birthday to Mart at the Toronto July 24, 2009 show. An amazing show and a great way to start off the North American leg of the tour…

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  • this was so cute ! two encores and a birthday song… loved it.

  • Nice girl! Thanks for sharing! See you at Red Rocks? :) PEACE

  • Oh, that’s so cute! What’s a pity, that Martin hadn’t got his birthday on
    the Hungarian concert’s day… But it was great anyway!

  • i really love to see Depeche today.They seem really closer to each other
    than they’ve ever been.Happy birthday,mister G(enius)ore!

  • Graet! I’m so happy that Dave has got better!!!!!! <3

  • what a beautiful man!!! -i mean dave. thanks for this perfect shot

  • they never let me down… Hi to Mark & Brad if you’re out there, from Jim &
    Walter. You made it even more fun :)

  • @annanaughtygirl yeah!!!…they look so adorable!!!!

  • Happy Birthday Martin We Love you So you look Great all of you Huggs From
    Muncie Indiana

  • There was a guy in Ghostbusters II that looked a lot like Martin.

  • I was here!!!! I landed a ticket because of a last minute cancellation. I
    don’t know the band as well as most, but the concert was absolutely
    fantastic and flawless!!!!

  • Great that they still have a huge following :) :) :) YAAAAAAAY would love
    to go to one of their gigs :) :) :) xxx Happy Birthday Mart!!!!