Depeche Mode - Under Construction [ Album Teaser ]

Remix Album By Naweed Snips of songs from the album. bonus tracks will appear on the album. This is made for DM fans … nothing else….. Hope you guys will…

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  • great sounds and great remix with heart beats and great bass sounds and you make us depeche mode fans down on your feet with your killer remix. they are really AMAZING and you got the true depeche mode soul in your remix….

  • Brilliant! Great passion for Depeche Mode, & remixes that you have created..Keep em coming!

  • thanks allot TheDeadlyNuance !! :)
    glad you liked it … appreciate it

  • Wonderful production.
    Really captures the Depeche Mode sound.

    The “Behind The Wheel” and “Peace” bits are mega.
    Love the way you breathe New Life into “New Life”.
    Fabulous stuff!