Depeche Mode – What Do I Get? (1980 Big Fake Demo)
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  • Why all the hate? True DM fans know this aint DM & the title clearly implies it aint so why everyones 2 cents to hate on the demo & feel the need to defend DM? All these darkwave/synthpop styles were inspired by DM & are by fans as much as we are. It aint a bad song in itself & wondering which band actually sang the studio recording of this :)
    Similar to DM: Cause & effect, brave new world, de/vision, diorama, merge, minerve, red flag, panzerveps, perfidious words, beborn beton, wolfsheim…

  • YES! A BIG BIG BIG FAKE! A poor copy of DM without any originality. Ridiculous.

  • oh man, that sampled drum loop is out of sync, and it sure as hell ain’t an actual 808. A bedroom project!! (DEFFO NOT DM)

  • they astonish me and surprise me as always! amazing song and quality! pity it wasn’t at any album! MY FAVOURITE BAND OF ALL TIMES ;) !!!!!

  • This song makes me move, it’s amazing how music can make us humane move. It’s like it has a maganetic energy.

  • А местами даже “петуха” даёт! Люди – это НЕ DEPECHE MODE! В 80 году Дейва еще и рядом не было, а команда еще не была Depeche Mode. Нет такой песни))))

  • it is not DM song, but some german guy, always forgot his name, he is present on Utube

  • I also thought that. But it doesn’t distort to be a DM song. Maybe a B-Side. But anyway, I recognize it sounds quite good. It has something.