From the BBC, this rendition sounds more like the original album version than it does in the band’s early live performances with Vince Clarke (see video resp…
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  • I don’t know what it means in english, but “Tora Tora Tora” was the key
    word of Japan for Pearl Harbour’s attack. Bye

  • Love it, for those who realy like synth pop: 1st and 2nd depeche albuns –
    -the best!!!

  • He dances the same in some recent footage, but 80’s era Depeche Mode was
    the best!

  • @sastal Out of all the people in Depeche Mode or were in Depeche Mode.I
    know only one person does give a damn about the band and thats totally
    Martin Gore.Alan stuck around for the moolah, knocked up Hep while he was
    still married to Jeri and is just a total slime.Fletch is just an adorable
    bum hahaha hes a genius.Dave is a great singer and Vince pulled out because
    he didnt like how the bands direction was heading.

  • oh HELL NO I know dave is NOT wearing a farmer ted plaid shirt!

  • Good good! Andy can you play this?? Andy Dasz rade zagrać?? :-)

  • Thanx for posting this ~ it’s like a long lost relic!!! Omg .. Can’t read
    most of this Spanish… but from your words, I’m guessing that you’re
    talking about Andy Fletcher? If so, you’re on point… The band divides
    itself unusually regarding responsibility… ultimately, what led to the
    loss of Alan Wilder. They’ve never been the same without him… Thank
    goodness for Recoil!

  • @dieselust That was back then! … . But today I feel a little bit
    different. I would like to see Alan joining the group. Maybe – the old
    style – would come more to daylight again. But today’s Dave is a great
    musician himself and writes better songs than Martin…. Everything changes!

  • it would be easy to clean the background tape hiss with a little audio
    editing noise reduction filter.

  • Btw, Dave looks so funny here :) like an 80s student ! ;) but his deep
    voice is so incredible !