Furious Simon Cowell slams Depeche Mode's Martin Gore - Splash News

Taking to Twitter, the music mogul has called Martin Gore a ‘weirdo’ for telling people to shoot him. Splash is the leading independent entertainment news an…

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  • If anything, Cowell could learn a few things from Gore. I honestly don’t
    know why everyone is over reacting so much. How many Americans have said
    similar things to what Gore said? Personally I think both over reacted, but
    Gore is far more experienced and has a lot more musical knowledge and
    wisdom than Cowell. Learn to take some constructive criticism, Simon. You
    mastered dishing it, now work on taking it. And taking it WELL.

  • Shooting would be too good for that tosser. Long Live Gore

  • Cowell is such a moron !. self exalted and with an arrogance one would
    NEVER find in Martin L. gore !!!.

  • yeah Martin Gore is worth a million of cowell… just for the name calling
    alone.. what a dickhead LOL

  • where’s Depeche Mode? Still going on since the 80s and Martin Gore is still
    in the band where’s JLS? GONE!! and who won Christmas Hit No1 2010? Joe

  • If it weren’t illegal to shoot someone I sure would.

  • while I do not condone violence toward anyone, I applaud Martin Gore for
    calling out that money hungry, music scene ruining git for what he really
    is he has turned to music industry into a joke

  • Bad move on Simon’s part. Bad, bad and more bad. Martin Gore is brilliant!
    How many amazing songs and hits from Martin? How many die hard fans around
    the world for both Martin and Depeche Mode? Yeah, I am still counting.
    That’s going to take me a while. Perhaps a lifetime or two. Now back to the
    good stuff! I am so sorry I landed on this post looking for music and
    videos for Depeche Mode.

  • Cowell is so egotistical, he actually thinks someone would deem him worth