All content footage belongs to Sqaure Enix, the makers of Final Fantasy XIII And the music belongs to Snow Patrol. Please enjoy.
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  • Wow, this is beautifully made. Thanks for this. I love Hope. -x-

  • @lillien97 Hope, Vanille and Lightning were my favorite characters. Thank
    you for commenting by the way.

  • @PistachioPirates Thank you so much, I am very glad you think so.

  • I really like this vid it’s really well put together, just wondered where
    you get your clips from you’ve got a few that I need and can’t find
    anywhere lol though I’ll understand if you’d rather not say, ^_^

  • @KuronekoDoll Thank you so much for your kind comment, I got all of my
    clips from youtube. If you could possibly tell me which you need through a
    flickr mail, I’d be glad to search my history and locate those for you ^_^

  • This video is truly awesome; the song is just plain PERFECT. Great work!

  • @gamegirlbex Thank you for your compliments, I am glad you like it :)

  • @TheVideoGameHeroines Thank you, I am glad you think so :) It is always
    nice to watch a tribute to your favorite movies/games and stuff like that,
    hearing a really great song. I have loads of bands I am absolutely in love
    with that I found by tributes :)

  • Omg, this is beautiful. I love it when people make Final Fantasy videos to
    such great songs. Great job!! :)