Andy Bell has recorded vocals for ‘Breathing Love’, a new track from Isaac Junkie’s new EP of the same name which will be released on December 15th.


– Breathing Love (Radio Mix)
– Breathing Love (VCS3 Isaac Junkie Mix)
– Breathing Love (Suspicious Isaac Junkie Mix)
– Breathing Love (Modular Zone Isaac Junkie Mix
– Isaac Junkie – I’m Burning Up (DHS Mix)
– A Little Respect – Isaac Junkie Rework 2013
– Breathing Love (Video)

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  • .hynoptic..atmospheric…andy once said hed like his music to be like
    healing crystals,, this is just that


  • This song is just perfect! Andy Bell tops off this fantastic atmospheric
    sound with his beautiful voice!

  • Wow what a truly amazing song what a talent with both isaac and andy bell
    together.. this is the best song I heard in 2013 by far I urge u to listen
    to how beautifully haunting and sexy it gave me goose bumps everywere a
    truly beautifull deep and meaningfull song love it

  • wonderful isaac wonderful ! :-)
    great song and lyrics ! sounds very nice.
    i and my family, we all are very very proud of you!
    i like your song very and the concert scenes
    very very good
    congratulations Isaac & Andy :-)

  • FANTASTIC & GREAT I love the song and the video :) well done

  • En este tema se Respira Puro talento..Gran Tema..Me gusta
    mucho..Felicitaciones a Ambos..Grandes !!!

  • Video oficial de la promoción que les tenemos con EP de regalo de Isaac
    Junkie Records

  • notable! me alegro mucho además que Andy tenga este nuevo material, siempre
    adelante querido! hermosamente logrado!

  • Mr. Isaac.. Lo has hecho de nuevo!
    No sé ni qué comentar XD
    Simplemente genial! …

  • I love it..great song.Felicitaciones muy buen tema !!!