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  • Most bands these days, the ones I love to call hipster indie bands, all try
    to sound like joy division. Even the clothing style. It’s a shame how they
    can’t imitate the dark moody sound that Joy division has. Joy division had
    a simple clothing style while these hipster bands exaggerate the shit outta
    it. What has happen to music now?

  • JD tracks always ended up on the Mix Tapes that i sold back in High School.
    The 80’s were great.

  • Why does everybody hate hipsters so much? I have a vision in my head of the
    stereotypical “hipster”, and the ones I’ve met never warranted any
    animosity on my part. I think everybody’s just bummed ’cause the hipsters
    are out living it up while we sit around posting comments about them on
    Youtube. A record shop employee the other day (totally a hipstress, this
    one) suggested some really great CD’s ’cause I told her about my plight
    with new music. We had a conversation about music; I guess she knows people
    who know Michael Gira, so I guess I see what makes someone a hipster. I
    mentioned something about Youtube to her, and she snickered, so yeah;
    totally a hipster. But really nice. 

  • Nice, I love most of these songs :D gotta read more about this band. 

  • So I finally get Pink Floyd, I finally get Sonic Youth, still don’t get Joy
    Division. I really don’t know what anyone sees in this band.

  • I hate when people put Ian Curtis on a pedestal. He was a great troubled
    soul who NO ONE should ever inspire to be like.

  • I hate to inform u most people are troubled souls even ones that cant admit
    it. Take it from one who knows. what we are doing is remembering a great
    man just like jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix its all we have of them:) peace
    de la doobie

  • needed this back up here :) Disorder – 0:01
    Day of the Lords – 3:25
    Candidate – 8:19
    Insight – 11:30
    New Dawn Fades – 15:45
    She’s Lost Control – 20:32
    Shadowplay – 24:30
    Wilderness – 28:22
    Interzone – 30:57
    I Remember Nothing – 33:18

  • i just discovered joy division, not since the Talking Heads have i felt
    awsmness like this

  • Saw them playing two weeks before he took his life. It was so impressive!
    Nobody went for a drink, but we all just stared and listened. Ian was
    living his lyrics and you could see the pain on his face. I will never ever
    forget it!

  • And from that day forward, random noobs would wear this album art on their
    shirts wondeing where the fuck it came from

  • If they ain’t going for the Ian Curtis dance.. they ain’t worth it..

  • They have plenty. Try the entire Hipster/Indie kid community. They have Joy
    Division shit plastered all over Hot Topic now. It’s like a fad to like Joy
    Division now. Sad that those aren’t the real fans though.

  • Ive been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand