Martin Gore cantando essa maravilhosa música!
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  • and…Martin would sing and put makeup on at the same time. Such a girl. I
    love him!

  • I wanted to bite the back of his neck the whole time I was watching

  • I love this song…aahh Martin is such a beautiful man. With an amazing

  • he’s just such a beautiful person…with a voice from heaven

  • I love Martin like the silly school girls fainted over The Beatles!! Martin
    is the supreme lyricist!! This song brings tears to my eyes…<3

  • Ok, If I tried to sing & apply mascara, surely I’d stab myself in the eye!
    Great song & great piano too. Martin is amazing XOXO

  • They should release a dressing room concert dvd. This is really good! My
    favorite version of the song as well.

  • Juliana, minha filha, onde vc achou esse video? xD ESTOU TENDO UM GOREGASM.

  • He took my breath away,.. I just want to be there to kiss that beautiful
    neck…. That man is so beautiful and sexy !

  • Martins voice is so perfect….tears a hole in my heart…

  • He’s portrayed a little CREEPY here… reminds me of the “IT PUTS THE
    LOTION ON ITS SKIN” guy from silence of the lambs.

  • @BabyTorres I Totally agree..!! Anything will do just fine Martin.. My
    favorite singer of all time !!

  • Martin posesses an understanding few of us will ever know in mortality.

  • Martin singing in his dressing room, just for practice, is better than a
    lot of high-dollar live performances I’ve seen.

  • you remember when someone called the cops on Martin for singing too loudly
    in a hotel late at night???? COULD YOU IMAGINE!!!!!!! Sing me a lullaby

  • Dave has a great voice too, but Martin should have sung this on the album.
    I literally had an orgasm watching this! So damn sexy!!