Estos son algunos de los mejores momentos de Martin Gore, Hoy celebramos su cumpleaños número 49. Happy Birthday!

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  • “Martin Gore” The Best Moments: Happy Birthday Martin Gore !! July 23.

  • Happy Birthday to someone who deserves all the Love in the universe!!! ;-))


  • Gee, I wonder where you got all the clips from…? Luckily there can’t be
    too many Martin Gore videos, so it’s okay. :)

  • wow martin..the man with the most beautifull green eyes.. …i loved him in
    the 80ies when he was expressing himself as he wanted.. i love him now he
    became more mature… i wait for the days when he gets again a little bit
    more crazy………..are u a boy ore a girl…. i dont know..;-)))) its

  • wonderful b-day video to Martin. you def. picked some of his best moments.
    my fave moments in this vid is Mart in the wedding dress for SW, the monkey
    on his head, the backing footage costumes & all his big & beaming smiles
    (lots of tongue too ;) i personally prefer his old teeth, but his smile is
    still lovely. i met Martin briefly in ’09. he seemed kinda shy, but very
    sweet at the same time. i so adore the Gore. this is great celebration
    video to Mart. i can feel your devotion! ;) awesome job

  • Martiiiin :)) thank youuu for everything you´ve done…you´ve changed our
    lives, and you´re still… Happy Birthday, our little devilish angel ;)))
    Love, love, love!!!!

  • Happy Birthday to the greatest singer and composer: Mr. Martin Lee Gore!!!

  • He is….He is the best..When I feel the warmth Of your very soul I forget
    I’m cold And crying When your lips touch mine And I lose control I forget
    I’m old And dying