Depeche Mode have managed to stay in a single time zone this past week, playing a sweaty, raucous two-hour show to the black swarm on the Rhine in Düsseldorf…

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  • “I play Scrabble all the time, usually with Peter – or anyone one else who’l play with me” – Sounds like a young boy xD

  • I’ll play Scrabble with Martin!! I have a feeling when he says “anyone who’ll play with me” he means he’s really good. 

  • Love you Martin… I always did. Play in Tour “The Sun and the Rainfall”.

  • as he gets older it seems he’s more talkative in interviews. i quite like it.

  • east germany turned martin away. “at that point i just left” well yeah he had a gun.

  • Martin’s such an intelligent man! I love listening to him telling his thoughts out loud :)

  • very nice interview. interesting with the zuruck nach West Berkin story. probably was barred because of his status as a pop star. Hope BROKEN is the next single. that song carries so much DM canon… so heavy yet so welcome