Martin realized this cover as a gift to a friend during Counterfeit E.P sessions Original written by Joe South and performed by Billy Joel Royal (1965) Thank…

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  • Down in the boondocks
    Down in the boondocks
    People put me down ’cause
    That’s the side of town I was born in
    I love her she loves me but I don’t fit in her society
    Lord have mercy on the boy from down in the boondocks

  • Aaah!! Great that you finally posted this!! And the video is fantastic! I
    love Martin! I didn’t know that this song was a gift to a friend, thanks
    for mentioning that. And thanks for crediting my name in your description!
    BTw what is martin saying at the end of the video? I can’t hear it properly.

  • Great video!!!!! Like his voice so much….Where did you take the song? 5
    stars…Great pictures,by the way….

  • Great job on this video! Martin did a great job singing this song, of
    course! :)

  • And I like 2:14, nice eyes. Best picture I’ve seen since he started getting

  • Very nice video, thanks for posting! Specially, never heard him singing
    this song before, he proofes again, that his voice is able to much more
    than only the DM songs!

  • Nice compilation. Never heard this. DM at Red Rocks this Thurs! Can’t
    wait!!! My fave band 2! :D

  • Great!!!!! Congratulations to Mariel for the awesome slideshow, and to Mr.
    Martin L. Gore for his great cover :)

  • OMG he’s wearing Grados at 1:50 ! just like me atm. And he has a Sega
    shirt. Amazing man

  • THANKS VERY MUCH!! a friend from you tube gave me the link for this song:D