A slideshow for the most amazing singer & songwriter Martin L.Gore The song is ‘The Bottom Line’ by Depeche Mode Please comment and vote! :)

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  • martin has a special talent..and all songs that he sings are awesome.
    looking forward to see them in Zagreb 21.5

  • Amazing to hear him sing a song he wrote for himself rather than for Dave
    so sing. Love him so much as a talent. Real singer-songwriter in a world
    with so less of them recently.

  • One of many examples of my Martin’s perfect songwriting…bone-chillingly
    perfect lyrics and vocals. Chills everytime I hear this song. Ahhh….life
    is good with the BEST music ever as your soundtrack.

  • Like Martin, too! But pictures of him are so rare. Thanks for dedicating
    your vid to Martin! He is a great songwriter!

  • Hey! Thanks a lot! Been thinking about doing another vid… The question is
    just: When will I have the time to do so… and.. There are so many great
    DM songs…. I’ll think of something I guess… Rock on! The river flows,
    the wise man knows I follow DM!

  • Totally agree with you. Martin Gore — the most amazing singer & songwriter.

  • thank you for making this video. it’s great so see so many images of Martin
    that i haven’t seen before. he’s an amazing talent and has brought so much
    joy to my life over the years. thanks again.

  • Nicely done! good pics and a great song makes an amazing tribute! Keep up
    the good work! Forever DM!!!

  • I deeply admire Martin, is a great songwriter. Thanks a lot! Greetings from