My DM tier list

My DM tier list

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  • I would agree with everything except SOTU being a shit tier. And I think Spirit and Playing The Angel deserve better.

  • This would be mine:

    God — Violator, Ultra, Playing the Angel, SOFAD

    Great — MFTM, Spirit

    Good — Black Celebration, Exciter, SOTU

    Meh — Speak and Spell, A Broken Frame, CTA, Some Great Reward, Delta Machine

    Shit — None (DM don’t make shit albums)

  • I would agree with most except A Broken Frame is amazing, and imo one of their best. The Sun and the Rainfall is such a beautiful underrated song.

  • Voilà:

    God: SOFAD, Violator, Black Celebration

    Great: Some Great Reward, Ultra, Playing the Angel, Spirit

    Good: A Broken Frame, CTA, Exciter, SOTU, Delta Machine

    Meh: Speak & Spell

  • Woah okay, I can’t believe I’m seeing Some Great Reward being put as meh tier. Pretty ridiculous. That album deserves at least great tier. MFTM is def God tier. Here’s mine.

    God Tier: Black Celebration, MFTM, CTA, SGR, SOFAD, Violator

    Great Tier: PTA, Ultra, SOTU

    Good Tier: Delta Machine, Speak and Spell, Spirit, A Broken Frame (does not deserve to be put as shit/meh tier)

    Meh: Exciter

    Depeche Mode NEVER has shit tier albums.

  • God — Black Celebration, MFTM, Violator, SOFAD

    Great — S&S, ABF, PTA Spirit,

    Good — CTA, SGW, Ultra, Exciter, SOTU

    Meh — Delta Machine

  • Mine:

    God — Violator, SOFAD, Black Celebration

    Great — MFTM, Spirit, Playing the Angel, Some Great Reward

    Good — CTA, SOTU, Delta Machine

    Meh — Ultra, S&S

    Shit — A Broken Frame, Exciter

  • Wow, can’t believe you think more dm albums are shit than great.

    God: Violator, Black Celebration, Music for the Masses, Songs of Faith and Devotion, Playing the Angel

    Great: Ultra, Construction Time Again, Delta Machine, Some Great Reward

    Good: Sounds of the Universe, A Broken Frame, Exciter, Spirit

    Meh: Speak and Spell

  • —I would move some great reward & playing the angel to good tier.

    —I would move sounds of the universe to Meh tier.

    —I would delete «Shit» tier & rename it «Kitsch Tier» for Speak & Spell alone…

  • God: Violator, Black Celebration, Songs Of Faith And Devotion

    Great: Construction Time Again, Playing The Angel, Some Great Reward, Music For The Masses

    Good: Spirit, Ultra

    Meh: Delta Machine, Sounds Of The Universe, Speak And Spell

    Poor: Exciter, A Broken Frame

  • My list:

    God: Black Celebration, Music For the Masses, Violator

    Great: Songs of Faith and Devotion, Construction Time Again, Some Great Reward

    Good: Ultra, Playing the Angel, A Broken Frame

    Meh: Delta Machine, Speak and Spell

    Shit (not really shit actually): Sounds of the Universe, Spirit

    Exciter Tier: Bloody Exciter

  • I’m almost 50 so yeah I dig the 80’s releases way more. People should include their age to give a better perspective on why they chose what.


    God — Black Celebration, Some Great Reward

    Great — MFTM, A Broken Frame, Speak and Spell, Construction Time Again

    Good — Violator, Ultra, Playing the Angel, SOFAD, 101

    Meh — Delta Machine

    Shit — Spirit, Exciter, SOTU

  • Here’s mine, for what it’s worth (Am I the only one who absolutely hated Spirit?!)


    **GOD TIER:** Black Celebration, Music for the Masses, Violator

    **GREAT TIER:** A Broken Frame, Songs of Faith and Devotion, Ultra

    **GOOD TIER:** Speak and Spell, Exciter, Playing the Angel

    **MEH TIER:** Construction Time Again, Some Great Reward, Sounds of the Universe

    **SHIT TIER:** Delta Machine

    **WORSE THAN SHIT TIER:** Spirit