WATCH IN 1080p FOR BEST QUALITY** Video directed by Nerd Revolt. Edited by the iLL.F.O. Makeup and styling by the iLL.F.O. “Photographic” is written by Vin…
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  • Hey Jon… Wow, thanks so much for the sweet comment! We are incredibly touched :D “Photographic” is also one of our faves, so we wanted to treat it with lots of love. Very giddy that you’re digging our cover! <3

  • Hi NR Im a big DM fan and photographic is one of my fave songs, and I must say what an awesome job you’ve done………….BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

  • Hey Deniss… thanks so much! Your comment made our day, so thank *you* :D

    Have a great weekend and thanks for saying hi :)

  • Hi kallbrand01… thanks very much for the kind words! We’re psyched you enjoyed the cover :D

    Don’t know that song actually… we’ll go check it out! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  • Hi there bigestfun… yay, thanks so much for sharing! Glad we can be a soundtrack to your days :) Enjoy the weekend!

  • Thanks sumnerhouses! Will check it out… that’s a classic song :D Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Witam, dziękuję bardzo! :)

    Jesteśmy bardzo szczęśliwi, że się podobało. będziemy nadal tworzyć muzykę, i miejmy nadzieję utrzymać inspiruje Cię :) Miłego weekendu!

  • Hi guys I love your take on DM – Photographic. Have you ever considered having a stab at Trans-X – Living on video?

    Pretty please say yes.

    Keep the good work up.

  • DM !!!!!! najlepszy cover Photographic jaki słyszałem , odpowiedni klimat, bez wodotrysków , czysty bit i przekaz – gratuluje !!!!!!!!!

  • Hey NR–the lead singer of Anything Box put out an album with the band name of The Diary back in ’95. He did, I think, an amazing cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart. If you get the chance, check it out–I think you’ll really like it! : )

  • yess,I enjoy this song in my Jag,glad to have that opportunity,tnx

  • жаль, что мы могли понять этого … но переводчик не работает :( Надеюсь, кто-то может помочь? спасибо!

  • Aww, thank you very much! It means a lot to us that our music can move you in some way :)

    Thanks for the supportive words… we’re cheering you on with your dreams too! :D

  • Hehe, no… we’re actually from NYC and the Virgin Islands, and live in San Francisco, California :) I must have fooled you with my Google Translate :P

    Wow, that’s a very interesting mix of cultures! Fascinating :) Thanks for the kind words… enjoy the weekend!

  • Hey there sumnerhouses! Yay, we got our DM tix too :D The hard part will be waiting until September :P This tour is gonna be absolutely amazing! Been so obsessed with the new album.

    OMD just played here, but by the time we looked for tickets it was sold out :( Yeah, that would be crazy if they toured together again!

    Have a great weekend :)


  • Hey Ken Doll… love the name and pic :)

    Yeah, we’ve put the Maschine to good use! I’m sure you can get some great sounds out of the machinedrum, but I would go with Maschine. Much more power and flexibility. It’s been a great tool for production, as well as our live sets!

    Hope that helps :) Keep us posted!

  • Bardzo dziękuję :D Dziękuję za oglądanie i słuchanie! :)

  • Hahaha, thanks so much Alejandro! Your comment made us both smile :D Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • Thanks so much! Yeah, we wanted to stay true to the original, but do something unique and “NR” with it. We had so much fun with this cover, so I’m sure we’ll do more in the future. As for specific songs, we don’t know yet… it’s whatever inspires us ;) Have a great weekend!