The master dave gahan performance of ‘never let me down again’ at Live Monsters.
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  • Why does he and dm persist in changing classic sounding songs, it annoys me
    when i go to a concert i want to hear them as they were not some jazzed up
    rock sound it doesnt suit him or them. He trys to hard to be something he
    isnt, i want the old dm back. My rant is over lol

  • @Colonelbasic Ok, 1st of all Dave Gahan as a solo artist is WAY different
    than Depeche Mode as a whole. And 2nd of all, I’ve seen Depeche Mode TWICE
    now, and aside from Martin Gore balladizing a few of their songs, their
    songs generally sound the same! Saw “Tour of the Universe” here in Toronto
    last year and songs like “A Question Of Time”, “Fly On The Windscreen” and
    “Master & Servant” sound just as they did 25 years ago. And I personally
    give Dave kudos for rockin’ out on this song!

  • ROCK ROCK ROOOOCK!!!! m/ Mr. Dave Gahan fuckin’ rocks!!! :D go David!!!

  • @81pluto Then we have been to very different concerts, never let me down,
    everything counts, enjoy the silence among other are very different to the
    originals. They try jazzing them up with a dumb instrumental half way
    through, watch the 101 dvd and compare that to what you hear live now.

  • @jjantarr There’s no denying that DM is nothing without Martin. But Dave is
    such an enigmatic performer!

  • IF DM wants a guitar in there sound? this should what they need to do. HIRE

  • This song reminds me of when my ex husband loved me … I wish he never
    drank . But I am so blessed to have my son