Hurt – Acoustic – Johnny Cash arrangement (NIN) – By MF2 For booking: 678-938-1670 Like our facebook for free music download.…
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  • who cares how hes acting, he can be anyone. its entertainment, get over it
    ppl lol 

  • wow man you are a weirdo for real….. good job singing but you are a

  • dudes mad creepy with his staring into the camera…however he is extremely
    good. loved it.

  • IYou have a GREAT voice! Great Job! You guys are talented for real! your

  • You may want to try and look less psychotic, that’s not what this song is

  • Oh yeah, that’s right baby, keep making love to the cam’ ! I love it !
    Great as usual !

  • never heard this song before.. you so sound like bono .. i like nine inch
    nails song closer think that wat its called.. weird video but so good loud
    and to annoy the nneighbours lol

  • xDD I can’t help but laughing at the way they look at the camera.. I almost
    can’t take them seriously :D Very good cover, and very good “stage
    presence” :DD

  • Are you trying to seduce use or something? Great voice by the way :)

  • @dpick21 He’s doing it on purpose…. Can’t please everyone … sheesh.

  • I must say…I had to listen without watching…I found myself laughing at
    the dramatics of your facial performance, which seemed
    forced….staged…sorry! I thoroughly enjoyed it otherwise…especially
    the transition to your upper register…to your falsetto…THAT seems
    natural to you! Just sing and let the words flow out…and don’t worry so
    much about the performance aspect :)