un petit diaporama revenant sur les tout début de Depeche Mode !

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  • i’ve this teisco see on stage : ) rare analog synt from DM !!!

  • Martin Gore sang Any Second Now, wrote Big Muff and Tora,Tora,Tora…ha

  • Any second now. Simple tune. Made by.. Due to a copyright by….Made from
    (who`s soul ??!!) Simple tune. Synthesize me, if you really know how it
    reaaly goes. Because some people know how to NOT try to be famous according
    to an instrument they`ve just bought. So.. I don`t know. Please send me
    some suggestions how to make music`s worth of it all. But without a stage

  • @Asgairsson Alan Wilder wrote ….. If You Want, 2 Minute Warning, The
    Landscape is Changing, Fools and In You Memory, ( b side of People are
    People ) A true fan knows these things ;)

  • This music the best ago the 80’s! Every good and thank’s for you this

  • @zicoskywalker Agee. Man of many Tallents. Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals…

  • Wrong. Alan also wrote Two Minute Warning, The Landscape is Changing, and
    the b-sides Fools and In Your Memory… He even co-wrote some more b-sides
    with Mart ;)

  • Vince Clarke ! ;-) … Martin Gore wrote only Big Muff and Any second now
    on Speak and spell

  • oh this sounds like shit when they first started Andy Bell man they came a
    long way from this ulk

  • @didoux54 Tora! Tora! Tora! and Big Muff, not Any second now. Any second
    now is written by Vince.

  • @didoux54 you are wrong dude, martin din`t write any second now, the two
    songs that martin wrote in speak and spell are tora tora tora y big muff

  • sounds like it was recorded at one of the bridge house gigs. telivision set
    and the price of love used to be favorites. they were very noisy heavy gigs
    recordings dont do them justice

  • @didoux54 actually, martin wrote “big muff” and “tora tora tora.” “any
    second now” was indeed written by vince clarke.

  • Sorry but both of you are wrong. “Any second now” was WRITTEN by Vince
    Clarke and SUNG by Martin Gore. The only Depeche Mode song written by Alan
    Wilder is “If you want” on “Some great reward”. Best regards.