A Depeche Mode cover version I done early 1997 with me on vocals, I then got a couple of mates to add a little contrasting backing vocals and then sent it to…
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  • LOL what a song–so poppy and upbeat and with that..title anyways, good job

  • This is a really nice cover. Your vocals are very Gahan-esque too! good job!

  • Your vocals are so close to the originals! I’m not mad on all of the sounds
    used, but I’d dance to this with a few drinks inside me. Kudos man =]

  • @matthehat Cheers mate, I recorded it years ago and deliberately used naff
    80’s sounding sounds, even dug my old MT32 out of the attic… lol, keep
    meaning to do an up to date mix using cubase VST and all my sofsynths but
    its finding the time, thanks for your comment :)