A short documentary made by the film’s director Attila Herkó about Alan Wilder’s recent visit to Budapest to attend the premiere at Toldi Mozi. Including an …
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  • Recoil / Alan Wilder – Documentary about the Budapest premier of ‘A Strange
    Hour In Budapest’.

  • George Bernard Shaw : “After studying the Hungarian language for years, I
    can confidently conclude that had Hungarian been my mother tongue, it would
    have been more precious. Simply because through this extraordinary, ancient
    and powerful language it is possible to precisely describe the tiniest
    differences and the most secretive tremors of emotions.”

  • you really deserve this success Alan because you are a committed artist,
    professional, hard worker, never let down on your fans and your a great
    musician whose always have something interesting to say, a fresh air in
    music and visuals when nowadays we all bombarded with shitty music and
    so-called “artists”, you truly truly deserve it, congratulations and keep
    on doing it! love you!

  • Awesome!!!! I love Recoil… I thought I’ve had lost it, but thanks to my
    beloved friends Nera and Marco, I rescovered all my love for it. The Music
    is so great, it touches my heart. I’ve had sort of revelation… :) Much
    better than any religion. So happy to see Alan this fine!! Go on, Alan, we
    are so many and we’ll support you forever!

  • I wonder why Alan chose Budapest for this “special hour”.. I mean.. let’s
    get serious, Budapest and Hungary generally speaking is a .. how should I
    say it? SHIT?