At the end of the show, Recoil returned for an encore! It turned into a dance party, so this video is less about the images and more about sharing the music….
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  • :) I’m glad you like it! Man, I wish you could be there w/us this weekend. I’m happy I had such awesome seats & could share some video with you. I didn’t even record all the songs – it was a 90 minute set and my camera holds 1 hour.

  • Thanks! Well, as I´m from Germany, I will be in Berlin and Dresden (to bad I´ll miss Santa Ana).
    The show at the Hansa-studios last March was fantastic. Judging from your videos, his new set is even better.

  • Charlie! LOL, I have 2 friends who call Alan Charles Wilder that. :)

  • Yes. They seem to suffer a lot these days with very boring versions of the same old songs. Charlie would spice it all up!

  • You’re welcome – have fun at your show!! Will I see you at the LA, San Diego or Santa Ana shows?

  • ^^ Agreed! Not to take away from the brilliant work DM has done since ’93; I’ve really missed having Alan in the band. Wouldn’t a DM remix tour be epic? Ahhh, I can only imagine!

  • Can you imagine how AWESOME current DM live gigs would be with Alan’s mixing abilities?

  • Wow – WIMS mixed with Jezebel – sounds amazing!!! Can´t wait to hear that live!!
    Thanks for the clip!