Revisiting Construction Time Again

Greetings friends,

If you aren’t aware, CTA is one of my favorite DM albums of all time. It ranks top 5 for me (call me crazy if you want). “Told You So” been stuck in my head for the past two weeks and it’s starting to become one of my fav dm songs. Idk why but it’s soooo damn catchy. I don’t think the fandom appreciates this album enough, though that’s totally okay!!

That being said, I decided to re listened to the entire album including the bonus tracks (I have the UK Import Collectors Edition). And I was quite baffle with some of the lyrics. Some of the tracks have really disturbing lyrics. Granted it’s NOT dark as Black Celebration, SOFAD, Ultra or Delta Machine. It’s pretty much the predecessor of Spirit in terms of having political aspects.

CTA is very classic synth with industrial influences so the background is poppy but that’s what makes it sooo unsettling.

Example Lyrics:

— Shame “Seeing all the children wallowing in dirt. Crying out in hunger. Crying out in pain” and “Soon the fighting turns to weapons and the weapons turn to wounds.”

— Told You So (This one imo is the most disturbing track from the whole album. Especially when Dave sings “There’s one more dead with a hole in his head. He shouldn’t have said all the things he said. Many years were shed for the blood he said” and “Bring me my Gun of itching desire. Bring me my bullets and I will fire.”

— Two Minute Warning (Dying under a nuclear blast and waiting for the warning to hit hence two minute warning. Kinda gives me Modern English- “I Melt With You” vibes).

— Pipeline (Basically a song about labor workers working to death on building a pipeline especially them humming “taking from the greedy and giving to the needy”)

— More Than A Party (This song is actually pretty dark if you actually think about it).

— The Great Outdoors (Okay I’m dead serious this track scares me. The first 33 seconds alone can be use as background music for a scary YouTube video. Martin and Alan must of been drunk when they composed this B-side).

Then you get…

— The Landscape is Changing (Not dark but does bring awareness of taking care of the environment. Alan was inspired after watching a documentary on acid rain)

— Everything Counts (Basically about mass consumerism during the Thatcher period. It sums up what we’re currently experiencing!!)

Then you have…

Love In Itself, And Then, Get the Balance Right, Fools, and Work Hard. Those are not dark tracks compare to the ones I mention above but they’re all super catchy and awesome tracks.

I guess that was my track to track review on CTA lol. This album is very important to me but I wanna hear your opinions about this album or some the tracks! Or even tell me if you agree with me about it being kinda dark. I think this quarantine is affecting my boredom haha.

Edited: I found the CTA documentary

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  • I’m currently in the process of listening to every album and CTA was definitely an excellent listen, went from an album in the middle of my list to one that’s closer to the top.

  • This is how I think the recording of CTA went… After having Alan giving uncredited help during ABF and having him on tour, Martin realized Alan was the McCartney to his Lennon. The demos already show songs 80% completed, but when Alan and whoever produced CTA (Gareth?) were left to improve the sounds, it’s when Alan found the space to shine with his industrial and his atmospheric sounds, even contributing on writing duties (something Dave would need 20+ years or so to start doing). CTA was the beginning of what DM was capable to do for the next 10 years.

  • Definitely one of my top 5 albums too and Everything Counts is my second favorite DM song! I even have an Everything Counts tattoo on my shoulder!


    Favorite songs from the album are Everything Counts, The Landscape Is Changing and And Then…

  • This is a great album (like so many of DM). There is not one song i dislike. Favorites are Pipeline, Shame, Told You So (and on spotify : Fools and Work Hard)

  • I’ve been listening to it a lot lately too! It seems to fit the mood right now even though a pandemic isn’t quite the same as a nuclear bomb

  • I became a hard core fan in 88 with MFTM. I liked some the popular songs prior to that but didn’t get into any of the albums specially. I really liked 101 which had a lot of those older songs. Maybe I should give them a listen.

  • Lady you know my opinion of CTA so I guess I don’t have to tell you I agree, it’s one of their best! Literally every song is a hit. What’s also great is this in this album you really see their transition to a more mature sound. In many ways this album marked the start of their renisance period.

  • This was my second-favorite album back in 1985, just under Some Great Reward. Great synth sounds (electronic bells and horns), and the beginning of their experimentation with sampling.

    Given the album’s clearly liberal political messages (later to be backed up by Spirit and the occasional song like New Dress), it is baffling that neo-Nazi Richard Spencer would call DM «the official band of the alt-right,» a label DM subsequently condemned.

  • Not only is it an underrated album, but if you watch the live in Hamburg performances of songs like “Two-Minute Warning” or “Shame” or “Told You So” they sound even better. Dave’s voice is stronger and clearer and the arrangements are better. (And Dave does the cutest dance moves during “Shame”.)