Technoir "We Came For Love" (Single Mix) Music Video A video featuring the “We Came for Love EP”. All lyrics, composition, music video production by Technoi…

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  • The Song of the Day: “We Came For Love” by Technoir, from the 2013 EP We
    Came For Love. The video is a little low budget, but the music is solid
    German synthpop.

  • I Love this Song. Its Retro. For sure its not the typical Technoir Sound.
    But i remember when i heard “the voice” Many years ago… Found technoir
    later in the Sonic Seducer Newcomer Contest and see how they grow up…

  • one of my favorite groups, but someone is missing – where is the best part-
    the female vocalist- she is what made the group for me.

  • Good to have you back ! Remember the first time we met in Cologne ? Must
    have been… 15 years ago???

  • the new album is great, i can now order via bandcamp or itunes.. we fall
    apart.. its just good news, alfa matrix.. has good news about technoir,
    this bands is awesome.. i love there sound and videos.. there music, dark
    and beautiful.. keep it rocking..

  • THAT SHOULD to make and play music on new album Technoir, pure electro and
    sounds 80s and new electronic melodics waves

  • Cool Steffen !!! Remember the barbecue here in São Paulo with PN.E

  • I miss her, too. Good track but not typically technoir sound, I think.