18.11.2012, Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Good-Bye Bad Times” is a song by the British singer and composer Philip Oakey and producer Giorgio Moroder. It was written by Oakey and Moroder and recorded for the album Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder. Released as a single in the UK in June 1985 as the follow-up to Oakey and Moroder’s 1984 hit “Together In Electric Dreams”; it reached number 44 in the singles charts and remained in the charts for 5 weeks.

Virgin records had high expectations for the single but it failed to sell in the quantities forecast. Because the single was not a huge success, it didn’t do much to promote the album. After a final single “Be My Lover Now” the short partnership between Oakey and Moroder effectively ended. Oakey then returned to work with his band The Human League full-time.