Question and answer session with Alan Wilder, former member of Depeche Mode, and the makers of the documentary ‘The Posters Came from the Walls’, a film abou…
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  • U2 is for the masses a stadium band now, that’s the difference DM still
    remains underground even though they’re widely known. U2 wanted to be the
    Led Zeppelin of alternative music DM didn’t.

  • +Legacy +Recoilica Alan Wilder, appreciating the fans and the care taken
    in making the film “The Posters Came from the Walls.”
    We fans appreciate you too, Boss.

  • great share and it’s cool to see Alan again. Hey Alan, take care dude! ;)
    we miss you

  • There’s a new Facebook fan page for the movie, showing more photos of Alan
    – search Posters Came From The Walls on FB :)

  • btw, I’m Russian too, and I guess I understand what that girl wanted to
    say) agreed with her)

  • Tears For Fears was one hit song per album, it was more chill out music and
    rock, they were mellow. But they never felt rejected by their girlfriends,
    punished and slavered, and Depeche Mode has that covered. From “The things
    you said”, “Higher Love” to Barrel of a gun”. Even “Somebody” about a guy
    wishing for a girl. Always this “dude” in love trouble. But Dave Gahan has
    this cool, bad boy, sensual personality too. The mix of Dave, Alan and
    Martin was just great. And they were humble.

  • hm… thanks for the vid. it’s a great pleasure to see Alan. waiting for
    the dvd.

  • everybody loves Alan ^_^ and alwasy did and are and will love forever)

  • You know why Depeche Mode was good? because back in the 80’s there was not
    good depresing techno pop music. If you were a teen your only option was
    Pink Floyd, if you wanted something electronic you had Jeam Michelle Jarre
    or Vangelis and if you wanted pop you had Madonna. But there was noot good
    moody music for the manic depresive teen in electronic. You had The Cure
    but it was rock and dusty. Depeche Mode was clean, elegant, with a beat.
    Good music and good lyrics. Postmodernist.

  • nice! good to see Alan again =’) I really really want to see the film

  • Lovely to hear Alan speak so so fondly of the Depeche times. According to
    directors Jeremy and Nick, I was the first person they interviewed for the
    film, in California. Funny enough I would start my own band a few years
    later “ejector” that I’m currently in. I was so nervous, at the time, there
    were some technical problems with the sound. I hope I made the cut but more
    so I hope to see this film. They, like my experience meeting Depeche, were
    truly wondrous people. ricky terry- ejector

  • huh??? david back with DM??? u mean ALAN? try a bit of research please :)

  • I think that Dave Gahan have composed the song ‘Come Back’ to Alan Wilder
    as a hot desire from him for Alan to coming back to DepecheMode.