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  • I’m seeing a pattern. I hear from my friends all the time about an awesome
    band, and then I just push it out of my mind: until I accidentally come
    across them on youtube, click on a video just for the heck of it, and then
    completely fall in love with the band. This is one of those times.

  • Merchnow messed up my order and got a We Came As Romans wristband instead
    of a Crown the Empire wristband and I’m glad I did, these guys rock!

  • I don’t care what anyone says, they are great. There are a few artists that
    songs actually mean something to people, and this band makes it feel like
    more than just “music”. 

  • It really bugs me when people insult others’ music tastes, regardless of
    what it is..

  • The 600 people who disliked the group must be girls or like Justin Bieber

  • I think that the scremo guy doesn’t fit their music but the singer is


  • I like this song over other scream because it isn’t constant yelling

  • i heared this song once , heared it twice and i seriously fall in love to
    this band ! :)

  • Is it weird to listen to your music and imagine you as the band members?
    Lol i do that a lot…

  • What is the story behind the symbol? Is it just something they came up with
    to symbolize hope or is it part of something else? I really wanna know c:
    I’d appreciate a response from anyone if you know!

  • I don’t remember the exact video, but I’ve seen that they don’t actually
    consider themselves a Christan band. Some of them are, but that isn’t the
    point of their music. There was an interview with Josh where he said you
    can take it anyway you want, religiously or nonreligiously, they’re goal
    was to give hope to those who need it.

  • This one song has more beauty, meaning and integrity than all of justin
    bieber’s songs combined… just saying 

  • Learn to play your instruments and stop sounding like girls.

  • They aren’t Christian they just want to share a good message 

  • I just noticed the URL says FAKEE which they certainly are not.