I’ve had several skeptics weigh in on my various Depeche Mode covers done all on my Yamaha CS01II synth, so I thought I’d make a screen-cap video showing the…
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  • Hey man? Can you help with rereating that rhythmic filtered noise pattern?
    it’s best heard at around 0:40ish, but it plays throughout. I believe it’s
    an ARP sound, but I haven’t got any ARP vst emulator, and you seem to have
    recreated it. Thanx. Awesome rendition btw.

  • I find this to be inspiring and inconceivable in equal measures. I really
    would like to believe your claim…

  • Quite amazing … truly a labour of love. I wonder how many tracks the
    original used (16?). Also Daniel was using his ARP so you’ve done a great
    job recreating those sounds so closely.

  • on an analog synth, you need to make a patch with white noise, with the
    resonance dialed up, and with keyboard control on the resonance so that it
    changes as you play up the keyboard. this essentially allows you to play a
    “tune” with the resonance on the keyboard. then it’s just a matter of
    fine-tuning all your settings and finding the notes to play that match the
    part as closely as you can. it’s sort of playing a tune, but not really, as
    the resonance isn’t literally tuned to a chromatic scale.

  • Thanx, man. That’s crazy, because after I posted my question I went and
    tried exactly that, lol! I quess I always had an idea, just didn’t
    experiment enough. I got quite close to the sound on Retrologue in Cubase.
    Appreciate your reply all the same. Again, great job on the track!

  • Amazing! It’s good to see the layering. I have played around with some old
    Madonna songs in the same way and it tought me a huge amount.

  • Hi, it’s really very simple in principle. I transcribed all the parts of
    the original, using the 5.1 surround version as a reference (you can hear
    many of the parts more distinctly this way). Then I approximated all the
    sound on my CS01II, and recorded each part one at a time via a midi/cv
    converter (my CS01II has a cv/gate mod installed). None of the material
    heard in my version is a sample or otherwise lifted from the original DM